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Dec 31, 2012 2:00am PST
with the people is education. you know change is gradual. so the only thing we need to do is educate our community. will they use our lifestraw and have safe drinking water. so the only challenge is, like, we need to educate them more and inform them more. so once they are empowered with education, things will work out. >> the filters are completely free of charge for the families. but they aren't always received whole heartedly. it took some effort for 15-year- old sarah to convince her parents. they were used to boiling water, and found filtering it too time consuming. but it's not just clean water that's at stake here. every filter saves on carbon dioxide emissions, because the families need much less wood from the forest. sarah now uses it only for cooking. >> because of lifestraw we are saving 2000 shillings in one week. >> so it has changed a lot? >> it has done a lot to us. >> mikkel vestergaard frandsen heads the project. his company's primary products are mosquito nets and aids tests. he's invested 30 million euros in the water filter project. it still pays off. for every ton of co2 he sa
Dec 31, 2012 2:30pm PST
. that is why we are investing more than ever before in education and research. that is why we are building a germany into one of the most modern energy producers in the world. that is why we are preparing our country for demographic change, and that is why we are bringing public finances into order. these objectives will continue to guide us into 2013. we need the right balance for prosperity and cohesion. we need a willingness to achieve as well as social security for all. the european sovereign debt crisis shows us how important this balance is. the reforms we have agreed to are beginning to take effect. but we still need a lot of patience. the crisis is far from over. more needs to be done internationally, as well, to monitor the financial markets. the world has not sufficiently learned the lesson of the devastating financial crisis of 2008. for never again must such irresponsibility be allowed to take cold as it did then. in the social market economy, the state is the guardian of order, and the public must be able to place its trust in it. my fellow citizens -- at this hour in particul
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
believe we can integrate this local knowledge into future disaster prevention education. >> reporter: during her research, takafuji was further shocked to find in some communities, items about the earthquake have been added to the song. ♪ >> reporter: in aceh's capital, banda aceh, however, memories of the tsunami are gradually fading. >> translator: life is back to normal now. >> translator: a tsunami won't hit us again. >> reporter: at a local school, takafuji introduces the song to the children by showing them videos she took on the island. >> translator: the song says to immediately run to the nearest hilltop. >> translator: i realize that you must always be cautious and that you must immediately run away in order to save your life. >> reporter: although the song was sang in the indigenous community, it's gradually being passed on to a wider audience as a song that can actually save lives. shinga soto, nhk world, aceh province, indonesia. >>> i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. >>> thousands of people gathered in tokyo to say farewell to a master of traditional japanese theater.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3